What is EPWA?

EPWA stands for eSports Players Welfare Association. EPWA is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that the rights of online e-gamers and players in India are protected. The services offered by the organisation range from legal to education and are tailored to address the key issues that eSport players in India face through research and representation.

Who is the membership for?

All online e-gamers are invited to be part of the EPWA community to volunteer click here.

What are the values of EPWA?

Research, representation, safe gameplay, equality, transparency. We are putting the rights of the gamers first.


You can sign-up.


What do I do if I have a contractual problem with a sponsor or a team?

Get in touch with EPWA by writing to us at info@epwa.in (we are activating a hotline for our members). Once you provide us with the details of the issue, EPWA will assess the contract and the situation and advice you, in your best interest, in the best manner in handling the case moving ahead. The process of vetting the contract will happen once the member has upgraded to Gold if the member still needs to hold a pro-membership.

How will EPWA give me legal advice?

EPWA will give advice in the best interest of their members and industry-standard clauses. Resolution or legal action are only some of the possible outcomes. Members will be supported by the back-end legal team that comprises competent and experienced legal professionals.


What are the other services that EPWA covers?

Webinars, Educational tie-ups, Strategic Partnerships with industry stakeholders, Health and Nutrition – focusing on combatting gaming addiction.