General Definitions

1. What is eSports?
eSport is a video (electronic) game played competitively either on mobile, console or PC between multiple players where, the conclusion depends on proficiency and competency of the player over luck or chance. The game inherently must ensure fair play and equal opportunity towards all participants.

2. Who is a Pro Gamer?
A pro gamer or professional gamer is a full time competitive player who is paid to play competitive video/electronic games.

3. What is gaming?
Gaming refers to playing electronic games, whether through consoles, PCs, mobile phones or another medium altogether.

4. Who is an eSports Athlete?
eSports Athlete are competitive players who strive to be the best at a particular game wrt to skill, knowledge and ability, in order to win against opponents in the game they play.

5. Can eSports be a profession?
eSports has quickly become a viable career alternative for young adults. With the right combination of passion, direction and ability, there are increasing opportunities in the industry. Today eSports is a profession for thousands around the globe and the industry is only growing. Some of the career opportunities are as eAthletes, shoutcasters, streamers, journalists, marketing managers and broadcasters. For a more in-depth review of careers in eSports head to our Career advice section.

About EPWA

1. What is EPWA?
EPWA stands for eSports Players Welfare Association. EPWA is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring the rights of eSports players in India are protected. The services offered by the organisation range from legal to educational and are tailored to address the key issues that eSport players in India face.

2. Who is the membership for?
All eSport players, irrespective of skill level, are invited to be part of the EPWA community and the organisation. EPWA strives to be the foremost organisation speaking on behalf of eSports players in the country.

3. What are the values of EPWA?
Fair play, equality, transparency. Putting the rights of the gamers first.

4. Who is running the EPWA legal team?
Shivani Jha


1. Where do I sign-up?
You can sign-up on our website.

2. How long is my membership?
Our Gold membership is for a year, which can be annually renewed. Can be checked by logging in to your profile.

3. What am I entitled to with Silver membership?
First and foremost as a Silver members are recognised as part of the EPWA community. Thereon, members have access to exclusive content covering the eSports Industry, Health and Nutrition advice, career advice in eSports and legal and regulatory updates pertaining to the eSports world. For more information please refer to our membership page.

4. What am I entitled to with Gold membership?
As a Gold member you are entitled to legal representation by EPWA. EPWA will vet your contracts, assist in conflict resolutions with other eSport parties and in case of a breach of contract, advice and represent members in legal proceedings. This is in addition to the pre-existing benefits of Silver membership. For more information please refer to our membership page.


1. What do I do if I have a contractual problem with a sponsor or a team?
Get in touch with EPWA by writing to us at info@epwa.in (we are in the process of activating a hotline for our members). Once you provide us with the details of the issue, EPWA will assess the contract and the situation and advice you, in your best interest, with the nest manner in handling the situation moving ahead. The process of vetting the contract will happen once the the member has upgraded to Gold members, in the event that the member does not hold Gold membership.

2. Should I come to EPWA before or after signing a contract?
If you have doubts on specific clauses in the contract, you can approach EPWA before signing the contract.

3. Will EPWA vet my entire contract?

4. What kind of contracts will EPWA help with?
No, EPWA will deal only with contracts specific in the area of eSports.

5. How will EPWA give me legal advice?
EPWA will give advice in the best interest of their members and industry standard clauses. Resolution or legal action are only some of the possible outcomes. Members will be supported by the back-end legal team that comprises of competent and experienced legal professionals.

6. Will EPWA fight a case for me in court?
We will evaluate the case and then offer advice on the best way forward, – dispute resolution language from website

Career Guidance

1. How can EPWA help me with career guidance?
EPWA has veteran professionals as part of the team. These are members who are pioneers of the eSports arena in India. They will advice and guide budding eSport players on the best way forward in their career. Members are urged to write to us at info@epwa.in


1. What are the other services that EPWA will cover?
Webinars, Educational tie-ups, Strategic Partnerships with industry stakeholders, Health and Nutrition – with a focus on how to combat gaming-addiction.