Krishna Chaitanya

How did you venture into the online gaming space? Which online games do you play regularly? What gaming platforms do you primarily use? (PC, console, mobile) How many hours do you typically spend gaming each week?
My experience with gaming started with a 64 bit game engine playing mario. Since then I've never looked back, even getting into computer science in engineering so I'd get a laptop to game
What are your educational qualifications?
Bachelors degree
Does playing online game form part of your daily life? is it a part of your livelihood?
It is a huge stress buster, my alter ego, and a huge way to bond with my friends that are in different cities. It is not part of my livelihood right now
For how many years have you been playing online games?
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
Hand eye coordination, quick reflexes and an ability to gauge the situation and make decisions based on a lot of information
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
There still needs to be a lot of improvement in terms of the right ways to game. The cons and required breaks in between while remembering it is still a game and you have to remain social while playing
Are you aware of the existing laws and regulations related to online gaming in your country? Do you think there should be more regulations to protect gamers' rights and safety online?
Cyber bullying. Lack of proper infrastructure.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you can convey to the government, what would it be?
Build more avenues to educate kids at a young stage, also show proper avenues to identify talent early and consider eSports as a proper career option
Krishna Chaitanya

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