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EPWA is a Not-For-Profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring the rights of eSports players in India are protected. The services offered by our organisation range from legal to educational and are tailored to address the key issues that eSports players in India face.

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Our Vision

EPWA will be the authority when it comes to safeguarding the interests of eSports Athletes across India and the players' body that drives the future of Indian eSports.
eSports Players Welfare Association is committed to providing eSports players a safe and fair environment to thrive. With little or no regulation with regard to eSports players rights in India, they are often misled. As a not-for-profit organisation eSports Players Welfare Association primary concern is player rights which will be brought about by setting industry standards.

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Membership Eligibility

  • The Applicant must be of sound mind and mentally fit to enter into a legally binding agreement.
  • If the Applicant is a minor i.e. below 18 (eighteen) years ofage, he/she shall qualify for enrolment only subsequent to the express written consent of his/her legal guardian.
  • The Applicant must be an Esports player and committed towards his/her career in Esports.
  • The Applicant must be a resident of India.
  • The Applicant should not have been convicted of any offence by any court of law and are not a party to any criminal proceedings pending before or likely to initiated before or by any court, tribunl, government agency or similar statutory body.
  • The Applicant's enrolment with the Association should not be barred by any pre-existing contract, agreement or understanding with any third party restricting or preventing him/her from enroling with the Association.

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