EWA Centre

EWA Centre is a tech policy think tank located in New Delhi. We recognise the importance of bridging the information gap between policymakers, innovators and users. At EWA Centre, we understand that effective policy decisions require a deep understanding of technology and its potential impact on society. Our mission at the EWA Centre, derived from the name ‘Eywa’, is to bridge this gap through comprehensive research and analysis. By examining the complex relationship between technology and policy, we aim to provide valuable insights that enable policymakers to make informed decisions. To foster collaboration and understanding, the EWA Centre conducts research exploring emerging technologies’ legal, ethical, and societal implications. We delve into various areas, including artificial intelligence, data privacy, cybersecurity, digital governance, and the ethical considerations surrounding technological advancements. Our goal is to ensure that policymakers and innovators can work hand in hand, leveraging the power of technology while upholding the values of our society. Just as Eywa represents the interconnectedness in the Avatar world, EWA (Eywa) signifies our commitment to connecting different stakeholders in the tech policy landscape. Through our research, we strive to create a cohesive ecosystem where policymakers, industry leaders, academics, and innovators can collaborate and contribute to developing effective and forward-thinking policies.





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We started accepting donations as a publicly registered non-profit in January 2021. We are pleased to offer you the option of making payments with the help of Razorpay.

Please review our donation terms and conditions. Currently, we only accept donations from Indian citizens, through an Indian bank or card. For any further queries please contact us on info@epwa.in