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Troubled Times For Online Gaming In India: What Does The Future Hold? EPWA Director Shivani Jha Weighs In | Tech It Easy Ep-21

Online gaming is finding itself in troubled waters in India. On one hand, you have Google Play running a pilot programme for real-money gaming apps on its platform for a year. However, for now, it is only allowing daily fantasy sports games and rummy apps only. No provisions were made for other online games, be it chess, poker or something else altogether

Concerns on child safety, KYC, cyber-bullying: IT ministry’s public consultation on online gaming

Rajeev Chandrasekhar met with stakeholders on Jan 11 for the first public consultation on India’s draft gaming policy.

Gaming body EPWA writes to PM Modi, proposes regulatory framework for India’s gaming sector

The Egamers and Players Welfare Association (EPWA), which includes Asian Games esports medalist Tirth Mehta and notable female gamer and shoutcaster Zerah Gonsalves among its members, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter, EPWA that represents 18,100 professional gamers said “We humbly commend your forward-thinking approach to regulatory frameworks that empower industries to flourish while ensuring consumer protection and industry sustainability.”

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