Adnan Badshah

How did you venture into the online gaming space? Which online games do you play regularly? What gaming platforms do you primarily use? (PC, console, mobile) How many hours do you typically spend gaming each week?
I used to play games casually like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale I didn't know esports was a thing until I started playing MOBA . Mobile Legends Bang Bang was the first MOBA I played and from there I properly understood the concept of Online gaming and esports. I play Pokemon Unite daily which is my primary game apart from that Honor of Kings,BGMI. I primarily use Mobile for gaming spending around 50 hours or maybe less gaming each week
What are your educational qualifications?
I am currently studying Chartered Accountancy(intermediate level) and 3rd year
For how many years have you been playing online games?
10 Years
What skills do you think are required to play online games?
Firstly hand eye coordination as many games require precise coordination and reflexes to play, thinking strategically also is one of the major skills as if you dont plan for moves ahead you wontbe able to succeed, communication is one of the major key skill in team based skill games.
Does playing online game form part of your daily life? is it a part of your livelihood?
What are your preferred kind of online games? What factors do you consider before putting money into any online game?
I prefer MOBA and also I am into FPS games. Generally I dont spend money in online games but the factor I consider is how good of an accessory is given in return of money.
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
Personally I think discipline is most important in online gaming tournament, to stay on what you have practiced with team and having a calm mind apart from all the basic skills and 2 of the major skills that are required to succeed in a tournament.
Have you ever experienced financial fraud or scams related to online gaming? What measures do you think should be implemented to prevent financial exploitation in online gaming?
No, I havn't. Measures that can be implemented are firstly 2 Factor Authentication, limiting spending and transactions in game such as weekly or monthly spending limits, clear refund policies so that if there are any unauthorised transaction player can get back to it
Community Engagement: Do you actively participate in gaming communities or forums? How important do you think community engagement is for the online gaming community?
I personally don't participate much in forums, however I think community engagement is extremely important for online gaming community as it allows gamers to build relation and connect with other like-minded individuals , gamers can share tips and give ideas, communities also provide a platform for gamers to seek help and support when facing challenges or technical issues
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
Addiction and dependency are some serious issues on online gaming as excessive gaming can lead to negative impact on physical or mental health it can also have negative impact on education, academics or work responsibilities with decreased efficiency, tiredness, or even failure.
Are you aware of the existing laws and regulations related to online gaming in your country? Do you think there should be more regulations to protect gamers' rights and safety online?
I dont think at present there is comprehensive legislation specifically tailored to regulate online gaming. Yes there should be more regulation to protect gamers' safety online.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you can convey to the government, what would it be?
Do not ban up and coming games and give permissions to more game developers to release games in India as many games developers hesistate releasing new online games in India due to fear of bans.

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