Ankit Rajpara

Ankit Rajpara is an accomplished chess player with a strong track record in both physical and online tournaments. He has been playing chess for over two decades, and in that time has honed his skills to become an International Chess Player. Rajpara has competed in numerous national and international tournaments, and has won several awards for his achievements. Alongside his passion for chess, Rajpara is also an avid online gamer with an MBA in Finance and is a strong advocate for mental wellness and social connection, both of which he believes can be promoted through activities such as chess and online gaming.

What is your name? How did you venture into the online gaming space?
My name is Ankit Rajpara. I have been playing chess physically for over two decades and online for about 15 years. I was drawn to online gaming as a way to connect with players from around the world and improve my skills.
For how many years have you been playing online games?
I have been playing online games for about 15 years.
What are your educational qualifications?
I hold an MBA degree in Finance.
What skills do you think are required to play online games?
Concentration, self-discipline, patience, and risk-taking ability are all essential skills for playing online games successfully.
Does playing online games form a part of your daily life? Is it a part of your livelihood?
Yes, I play online games frequently, but it’s not a part of my livelihood. However, Chess is a livelihood and with a shift in world gaming chess has also moved online.
What are your preferred kinds of online games? What factors do you consider before putting money into any online game?
I prefer to play free-to-play online games. I don’t usually put money into them. I consider the gameplay and user experience before deciding whether or not to invest money in a game.
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
While experience is certainly important, I believe that adaptability, strategic thinking, and teamwork are also critical for success in online gaming tournaments.
Do you think the government supports professional online gamers at any level?
Online gaming in India is still in its early stages compared to other countries, so government support is currently limited. However, as the industry continues to grow in popularity, I believe that government support will also increase.
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
While there can be a risk of addiction and dependency associated with online gaming, I believe that with proper self-regulation and healthy boundaries, online gaming can be a positive and enriching experience. It provides opportunities for social connection, skill development, and mental stimulation, all of which can contribute to overall well-being. It’s important to approach online gaming with a balanced mindset and to take breaks when needed to ensure a healthy relationship with the activity.
What are your biggest concerns while playing a game online?
Maintaining emotional balance is key for me while playing online games. I try not to let the outcome of the game affect me too negatively, whether I win or lose.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you could convey to the government, what would it be?
I would like to see the industry regulated in a way that promotes healthy competition and protects players from potentially harmful content.

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