Arjun Gulati

Arjun Gulati is a communication designer majoring in Brand Strategy and Filmmaking. He is an independent filmmaker who has executed various project-based assignments for brands, including National Geographic India, Cosmopolitan, and Discovery India. He is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of GG Space, a gaming creative agency. 

How did you venture into the online gaming space?
I have been in the online gaming scene for many years now. I am the Co-founder of a creative gaming agency that helps strategize digital experiences, which has allowed me to venture into the online gaming space. I also volunteer my time at EPWA, which is an online player’s welfare association. It has helped me engage with gamers, companies and government bodies.
Does playing online games form part of your daily life? Is it a part of your livelihood?
It is not a part of my livelihood but a lifestyle. I have been playing online games since 1997-98. I thoroughly enjoy playing online games at my leisure.
What are your educational qualifications?
I have received an undergraduate degree in BA Hons. (Communication Design) from Pearl Academy.
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
It is always helpful to assess the best approach in any online gaming tournament to succeed. It requires proper strategy development and deployment. Hand-eye coordination and logical thinking are other requirements to follow in the game.
Do you think the government supports professional online gamers at any level?
The government should support online gaming instead of imposing a ban on the same.
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
I would say it’s a matter of self-discipline. A person could get addicted to hearing music all day too. Why don’t we do something about that? We should just learn to teach healthy habits, and all of this would be in check.
What are your biggest concerns while playing a game online?
Lag (the internet doesn’t work correctly) is a common concern while playing an online game. Players must have access to resources that could help maintain a stable internet connection. This is a problem platforms should consider solving on their end. User experience must not come in the way of issues that can be easily solved.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you can convey to the government, what would it be?
Online gaming is a whole new world in itself. Don’t try to rule it but give it direction. It needs a good approach.

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