Hemant Sharma

I am an International Master and Fide Trainer from New Delhi, India. I have been playing Chess for more than 20 years. Among my achievements, I was India’s Under-25 Champion in 2010 and also won the Best Rating Category Prize in Gibraltar Masters 2018.

I love to travel, I’ve been to 17 countries and love to explore new places. Apart from Chess, I am a big fan of computer games, FIFA and Call of Duty being my favorite. I also play Football (Soccer), Table Tennis (Ping Pong) and Pool (Snooker).

I have been playing for more than 2 decades. My first big achievement was getting Bronze Medal at Dubai Junior Chess Championship in 2005 wherein the Gold medal winner was GM Safarli Eltaj. Then in 2010, I won the India’s Under-25 Championship being only 18 years old.

I have participated in many International Tournaments like, 91st Paris Open 2016 (2200+ event) where I won 5th prize on the Main list with a performance Rating of 2575+, the super strong Gibraltar Masters 2018, where I won the Best Rating Prize of GBP 2000 with a performance Rating of 2550+. I have also participated in the super strong Isle Of Man Masters Championship 3 times, 2016-2018 where in 2016, I earned my 2nd IM norm. I also played in the 36th Zalakaros International Chess Championship in 2017, where I made my final IM norm and the title.

How did you venture into the online gaming space? Which online games do you play regularly? What gaming platforms do you primarily use? (PC, console, mobile) How many hours do you typically spend gaming each week?
I play chess and I ventured into online chess years ago (9-10 years) to play with different players
What are your educational qualifications?
I pursued B.Com(Hons)
Does playing online game form part of your daily life? is it a part of your livelihood?
Playing and Training Chess are part of my daily life and livelihood.
For how many years have you been playing online games?
January 2008
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
Understanding about the game is foremost priority. To succeed in an online gaming tournament, players require a combination of skills including Hand and Eye Coordination.
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
I think FPS games are addictive. Among other games, I play FIFA and I can say it's not addictive.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you can convey to the government, what would it be?
Only the verified persons be allowed to play for "Real Money" events. If they're found using unfair means, they should be banned from real life events.
Hemant Sharma

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