Paras Gupta

Head of Operations at D11 Gaming

How many years have you spent in the esports industry as a professional and what is your current role?
I have spent around 6 years in the esports industry in India. I started at Roto Artist and then found my company villager esports in 2019. I have also worked at ESL Gaming Nodwin Gaming. Currently, I am the head of league operations at D11 Gaming.
What did you study in high school and college, did you always want to take this professional path?
In high school I studied commerce and finance, and following this I studied visual effects imagery at the Anirban School of Media Design in 2019. I was pretty clear about having a profession or being dedicated to being in the gaming space since I was in high school.
What online games do you play and how much time do you dedicate to your practice?
I play Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto V, Apex Legends to name a few, I play a few hours a day every day & I am very passionate about gaming.
What are the main differences, according to you between playing certain games online v. offline?
The main difference between playing online games compared to offline games, in my opinion, is the audience pressure. Certain online games are more nuanced and complicated compared to offline games and require more presence of mind than one gives credit to.
If you were given a chance to convey player sentiments to regulators, government, and journals that always project gaming in a negative light associated with addiction and lethargy, what is the one thing you would like to say?
If given an opportunity, I would like people to understand the benefits of gaming. For instance; consistent gaming helps increase the reflex time. Attentive gaming is a big part of all games, so much can happen in a split second.
As a user, what are the few things that you feel you need player protection from when you are playing on an online portal?
I feel user safety is something that is not taken very seriously as there is no uniform set of guidelines for people to follow. If that is brought about it will increase participation and people will be more comfortable playing online games.
Any other thoughts on skill-based online gaming as a profession and livelihood?
In my opinion, esports is a really good career in India right now; there are so many avenues one can explore – from gaming to being a shoutcaster, web development, and music production, the list is endless.

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