Tirth Mehta

How did you venture into the online gaming space? Which online games do you play regularly? What gaming platforms do you primarily use? (PC, console, mobile) How many hours do you typically spend gaming each week?
I was introduced to competitive online gaming title Dota by a college friend, who described it as a combination of Chess and Maths. I regularly play ArcheWorld - which is an MMORPG title, and usually play a competitive game along with it - which has been Hearthstone for the most part. I primarily prefer PC to play games on, but also game on mobile too. Currently, I spend around 10-12 hours each week.
For how many years have you been playing online games?
Since 2010, so 14 years now.
What are your educational qualifications?
Diploma in Computer Engineering, MScIT
What skills do you think are required to play online games?
Depends on the genre of the game, and the goal of the player. For a competitive player, curiosity is the most important skill I would say. For a casual gamer, basic comprehension skills are enough to enjoy games
Does playing online game form part of your daily life? is it a part of your livelihood?
My current employment is because of my achievements in the gaming field, so I would say it does contribute as a part of my livelihood.
What are your preferred kind of online games? What factors do you consider before putting money into any online game?
I prefer MMORPG, and strategy games (TCG, RTS, etc). I spend money on games that I enjoy playing. Some games provide in-game competitive advantage by paying - which is also a major factor before I put money into games. I consider the amount of enjoyment and time I'll be getting out of a game before deciding to spend.
What skills are required to succeed in an online gaming tournament?
Ability to research about the scene, mental fortitude to get through many hours of playing on the day of the tournament, practice partners to help prepare for the same, and the mechanical skills required to be good at the game itself.
Have you ever experienced financial fraud or scams related to online gaming? What measures do you think should be implemented to prevent financial exploitation in online gaming?
None so far, I may have seen them but maybe I discarded them too quickly to remember anything about them.
Community Engagement: Do you actively participate in gaming communities or forums? How important do you think community engagement is for the online gaming community?
Very important. Community engagement is the reason I enjoy MMORPGs and even strategy games. Being a part of community helps everyone - for a competitive player it can be a driving force through friendly competitions amongst the community members. For a casual gamer, it opens up a whole new avenue to enjoy the games together with a community. Sharing anything and everything about a game is a major factor in the enjoyment I get out of games.
What do you think about addiction and dependency on online gaming?
Addiction is a real threat - just like anything in life. Anything excess is bad, and gaming is no exception. It is a bit more common to be addicted to online gaming, so measures around it are important. I believe that any good competitive gamer knows this and has the skills to reflect upon themselves for handling addiction.
Are you aware of the existing laws and regulations related to online gaming in your country? Do you think there should be more regulations to protect gamers' rights and safety online?
I believe the less laws and regulations, the better. The only law that I feel is important is for game publishers to reveal probability information on lootboxes/in-app transactions. But apart from that, gaming communities and publishers should be in control of the situation - not the government or any central authority.
If there is one thing about the online gaming industry you can convey to the government, what would it be?
Unban games - give control to the user if they want to send data to other servers. Banning games takes away the livelihood of many, and even prevents golden opportunities like representing the nation in prestigious events like Asian Games. 2nd thing - add esports as part of sports initiatives such as Khelo India etc.
Tirth Mehta

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